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Web site planning requires careful thought on where your money should be invested, typical questions would cover:

Most Popular Website Services cover:

We design and build websites for all types of businesses. Whatever your project requirements we can help you achieve an effective web presence that will carry your brand and be seen by existing and prospective Client’s and customers.

This is done by automating the processing of customer requests and sales orders (which is otherwise done manually) and becomes the driving force behind developing and growing the Client’s business in terms of increasing their web presence and ultimately customer base as well as wherever possible new job creation internally.

Integral to the success of developing an online presence for the Client will be the design process and creating a professional face for the new website.

In addition, the site must be clean and elegant, present information in a way that is useful to the user and persuades the user to purchase from the Client through the use of strategic marketing copy.

Our Web Developers will model out as many versions of the new design as needed to provide the Client with the best overall design possible.

There are certain key design features that will be built into the overall design and each will need to be approved by the Client before the final design is accepted, these features are:

Logo - Because the Client currently has a logo, the Client will provide their own font to be used on this project or the Web Developer will match the font as closely as possible.

Navigation - One of the most important elements of any site, it will be particularly important to create a navigational system that maintains the overall feel of the site while making the site intuitive to navigate.

Colours - The design will be built around a coordinated colour palette that will provide the professional and elegant look desired by the Client while maintaining the cohesiveness of the website.

Fonts - The fonts' family, size and colour combine to maintain a professional and cohesive feel.

Images - Photos, graphics and individual product images will be submitted by the Client and may be modified to meet the overall design requirements of the site to suit the Client's taste and style.

Layout - The design must take into account the content that will appear in the site to ensure its usefulness and readability. Certain elements will need to be highlighted more so than others, so the Web Developer will work with the Client to determine what the best layout should be.

Overall - Once all the elements are pulled together, the Client will determine if the design meets their needs and those of their intended end users.

For the initial phase of development (the online presence), the Web Developer will work with the Client to create content for the following pages:

Home - This page will be the starting point for most, if not all, users, and so will need to provide the broadest amount of information while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Product Portfolio - Listed via categories, departments, manufacturers etc for all the companies products for sale along with special campaigns etc within the e-Commerce database platform. These will be totally customisable and maintained with prices, specification details, photographs etc via the back-office software which will form an integral part of the e-Commerce solution.

About Us - The Client will provide information regarding the history of or other appropriate information regarding their company as well as having a dedicated staff page with photos etc.

Contact Us - Contains contact information for the Client along with a link to the Information Request form.

Information Request Form - A form for visitors of the site to fill out and submit, which will send a formatted email to the Client for those that wish to request more details or information not available elsewhere with the products area of the e-Commerce database items.

For the final phase of development, the Storefront e-Commerce and back-office software will be integrated with the Client website to create a database of products (as mentioned above) in a format that will be manageable by the Client.  As part of this package, the following pages will be included:

Product Pages - Products will be grouped by categories to be determined by the Client or will appear as the result of a customized search.

Search Page - Will allow buyers to search on products based on criteria to be determined by the Client.

Shopping Cart - Will maintain the list of items to be purchased by the buyer as they peruse the site.

Checkout Form - Will collect the buyer's address and purchasing information to complete the sale.

The Web Developer will work with the Client to create comprehensive and targeted Meta tags and page titles for indexing the site with search engines and will then submit the website to various "free" search engines for indexing.

The Web Developer will also work with the Client to submit the site to local, online business directories as they are discovered.

Thus enabling unparalleled efficiencies to be gained within by using a state of the art e-Commerce solution that will immediately eliminate any existing duplication of data and effort when using existing separate software applications and paper copy alternative for sales order processing.

The Client will retain all rights to any material provided for their project.

Where the rights are not owned by the Client, it is their responsibility to obtain a licence for their use and indemnify the Web Developer for any damages, which occur as a result of failing to do so.

We also cover e-Commerce Website where our key objective is to ensure that the new e-Commerce solution streamlines the business, to make efficiency savings in terms of time and money.

New sites can be designed to give access to all existing key account holders to place orders at discounted rates as well as having access to advertising space for them and other associated/affiliated businesses as per the Clients needs and will also:

Note - Search engines may require 2-4 weeks to authorize site submission. Future submissions and any fee-based engines will be the responsibility of Client.

Hosting and maintenance will be the responsibility of Client unless they choose to use the Web Developer for hosting and maintenance at an agreed (very competitive) monthly rate (including basic SEO services), billed annually.

The Storefront software will be usable with either a merchant account supplied by the Client or may be integrated with PayPal, to allow secure, online credit card transactions without obtaining a merchant ID.

Upon determining a host for the site, the Client will provide the Web Developer with the appropriate logon information to ensure that the site is able to be uploaded using FTP software.

The Client will be trained in all elements of their new e-Commerce Website and back-office software to ensure that they can maintain all their own content as well as populate the website with new products etc.

The Web Developer will grant to the Client a royalty free, nonexclusive perpetual licence of all copyright and materials that the Web Developer develops for the Client in relation to this project.


Many of our sites are data driven and content manageable, they will look the same in different browsers and are always search engine optimised.

Corrections to the site as delivered are included at no additional cost and subsequent changes and updates to the site will be the responsibility of the Client via the back-office software after handover.

However support will always be at hand to assist the Client on as required basis or if desired via our standard service level agreements.