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The whole principal behind the BOSS product is to provide a quick “affordable” solution to suit a company’s operational and management system needs.

The BOSS procedural documents (i.e. procedures, work instructions, forms etc) have been designed specifically in a generic style that will suit most Client operations without the need for modification - with only minor adjustments being required.

There are three versions available (1) BOSS Standard; (2) BOSS Integrated; and (3) BOSS Professional (BOSS + BOCS + Integrated).

So BOSS can be:-

a) utilised as a stand alone product where very minor adjustments are expected to be made to the procedural documents to suit each specific Client need (BOSS Standard), or

b) used as the interim controlling procedures for Clients requiring a full BOSS Business Development project where additional adjustments and enhancements may be required to the procedural documents as the new BOSS systems are developed (BOSS Professional).

In either case the scope of use and level of development and work content required is always clearly identified during the “initial diagnostics stage”.

“Let us help you get your house in order and free the owner and let the Business become the entity.”


Everything you need for a small to medium size businesses with affordable first class support, delivering simple business solutions to far exceed your expectations.....

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So, we went away and developed a unique approach to help support those small to medium businesses cope with their “back office needs!” to help them get organised quickly and cost effectively.

The BOSS system is particularly useful to new start-ups or companies that have been in business for some time that now require more formality in order to expand or develop their operations more effectively - where to become leaner in today's ever demanding constraints the obvious driving factor is efficiency!

BOSS can also be a stand-alone management system without software, but was primarily designed to be fully integrated with the business software solution covering the WHAT, HOW, WHO, WHERE and WHEN etc.

Many years ago Bizcare recognised the need for something to fill the gap between formal management systems for ISO standards and certification and basically something affordable that a small to medium sized business can (1) afford; (2) easily implement, and (3) be developed for ISO certification needs once the business has become a going concern and needs to move on to it’s next level.


The following three diagrams depict a typical small company run by the owner manager who eventually reaches a size when they begin to struggle to cope with their existing people for whatever reason.

When the company becomes resource strapped people problems begin to surface. Usually when new staff are brought in - existing staff often become resentful and problems begin to escalate.

Without a good management system already in place it is nigh-on impossible to fix without resorting to drastic measures which in themselves cannot be resolved amicably without some sort of legal implications creeping in somewhere along the way - a last resort for many, and often very painful to get through - especially given today's ever changing employment laws.

The first diagram (The Triangle) depicts a typical start up, relying on people (usually very close friends and/or family) to help run the business - invariably friction will set-in at some stage, usually exactly when you don’t need it - when you start to get very busy!

The second diagram is intended to show where the BOSS Model will specifically address the human issues by developing a systematic approach to resolving the issues.

The third diagram depicts the recommended Systemised route with The Diamond being the result, where the system becomes the business driver, not the people within.

We also recognised the need for these small companies to get their house in order, to help them manage themselves now, to help get them out of chaos, to help get them working together to a single aim.

Most of these need something now, not ISO or something that would stop them in their tracks to have to develop and implement - but something quick and easy to get them out of the hole they had unforeseeably dug for themselves.

Our proprietary BOSS system incorporates generic procedures that we can simply customise and implement into any business regardless of size or shape. It is particularly useful to new start-ups and/or companies that have been in business for some time that now require more formality in order to expand or develop their operations more effectively - the obvious driving factor being efficiency!

The Bizcare “BOSS” system (i.e. BUSINESS OPERATIONS "SUPPORT" SYSTEM) is by itself very generic in that it covers what we call the “back-office stuff”, we refer to these as the “Generic” procedures covering the WHAT, HOW, WHO, WHERE and WHEN...

The Bizcare BOCS system (i.e. BUSINESS OPERATIONS "CONTROL" SYSTEM), which we refer to as the “Operations” procedures cover the activities a company does that are specific to “its being”; whereas the “Generic” types would be almost the same as any other company’s procedures regardless of their “being”! BOCS often being referred to as the ISO9001 bits.

Example - a Dentist needs to be good at pulling teeth but doesn’t need to know anything about bricklaying, as it is dentistry that justifies it’s “being”. However both the Dentist and the Bricklayer needs someone to handle the accounts, someone to answer the phone and file paperwork, human resources, etc. The same would apply to a garage, an engineering company, an estate agent, an accountancy firm, a solicitor/legal practice and so on. The BOCS “Operations Control procedures” cover what they do and how they do it to ensure consistent quality of their service processes or products being manufactured, assembled, processed or sold. The “BOSS” type procedures cover all the back-office processes that are usually missing in SME’s - even those with ISO9001 who would definitely have their “key Operational” procedures in place.

As mentioned BOSS also comes totally integrated with the Business Software suite, forming the “BOSS Integrated” product which results in giving our Client’s total control of their whole business operations. A separate implementation guide is also used to manage the Business Solution software installation and commissioning on to a Client’s computer network if required.

The “BOSS” procedures cover the Management Organisation Chart, Contracts of Employment and Job Descriptions, Administration (reception control, correspondence control and file system management, IT system management etc), Finance and Accounts, Human Resources (recruitment, training and staff appraisal, disciplinary procedures etc), and Sales and Marketing processes; + any other specific requirement like staff handbooks, drivers handbooks etc., depending upon the Clients requirements and needs.